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The Perfect Moment Contest is a photo competition for everyone. We’re looking for perfect holiday photos. The three best photos will be awarded a prize by a jury. In addition, the ten photos with the most votes from the public will also win a prize.

Eligibility: Worldwide 18+

Free to enter

Win Euro 1,000 in cash!

EUR 1,000, EXILIM travel cameras and EDIFICE and G-SHOCK watches by CASIO: It pays off to take part!

Jury Prize: EUR 1,000 and an EXILIM EX-H20G camera with Hybrid-GPS and more…

Voting Prize: The innovative travel camera with Hybrid-GPS and more…

Copyright: By participating in the contest, the participant confirms that he owns all digital copyrights for the uploaded photo and that no brand or personal rights of third parties are violated. Should third parties assert claims against Casio, the participant shall release Casio from all claims and any costs incurred as a result of their prosecution or legal defence.

The participant transfers to Casio the non-exclusive, unrestricted and unlimited right of use for the photos submitted by him, in particular for the purposes of the photo competition and also for advertising purposes on Casio websites, on Casio Facebook profiles, in particular on the facebook.com/casio.exilim site, and for use on billboards and in other advertising campaigns online and offline. Where legally permissible, there shall be no right to remuneration.

Upload time: March 14th – April 3rd

Voting Time: April 4th – April 14th You can vote once a day for each photo

Website: http://perfect-moment.exilim.eu/euro

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Traditional, contemporary, avant-garde, creative and experimental works that include old and new processes, mixed techniques, and challenging personal, emotional or political statements will be welcome. Digital or traditional photography or combinations of both are accepted, as well as toned images.


* The first prize will consists in a cash prize of $ 1,000.
* Winner, Runners up and Honorable Mentions will be featured in the the second issue of the paper-based WonderPick Magazine.

Categories: Animals and Wildlife; Architecture; Digital Enhanced; Nature, Flowers; Still Life; Abstract, Patterns and Textures; Landscape; Seascape and Underwater; Silhouette; Nude and Figure;. Children; Citiscapes and Street Photography; Culture, People, Travel; Sports; Performing Arts; Portrait; Editorial, Photojournalism and Documentary; Alternative processes; Fine Art

There is no limit in the quantity of images to be submitted, but the minimum is five single image. Any single image can be submitted to one or several categories. Online submitted files should have a resolution of 72 dpi, contestants should be able to provide high resolution files if requested for publication. Image requirements: 8 bit JPEG files in RGB profile, the largest dimension should be 1280 pixels (width or height), resolution of 72 ppi, JPG compression quality of 7 or 8.

* Copyright: Artists are the only owner of the copyright their images. Submitted photographs may be reproduced for the purpose of marketing and promoting WPGA contests and awards for 2 years.
* Eligibility: Open to all photographers worldwide.
* Entry fee: $60($45) for the first 5 images; $10($7) each additional image.
* Entry deadline: Early Bird – 28 Feb 2011; Final – 31 March 2011

Official website: www.thegalaawards.net/call-for-entries/2nd-edition-black-a-white-contest

photo by Arjun Mark

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This Year’s Theme: Black & White

Black & White (Grayscale) is the theme. Not sepia, not some other monochromatic tone – just Black & White. The subject, composition, aspect ratio and all other stylings are entirely up to you. Your photo will be judged based on how well you use the theme, Black & White, in your photograph. Of course technical and compositional aspects of your photo will weigh heavily on the judges’ decision. So submit your best photo.

Please, no nudity.


We’re incredibly excited to be able to offer a prize package for this year’s competition. The prize package features some of our favorite products. The winner chosen by the judges will receive all of the following – a $500 value:

* A Complete Set of Rogue FlashBenders – A unique customizable light modifier for your off-camera flash from our friends at ExpoImaging. (read our review)
* A 77mm ExpoDisc – A white-balancing filter – one of the best and easiest to use white-balancing solutions available, also from our friends at ExpoImaging. (read our review)
* $250 Gift Certificate From LensRentals.com – The gift certificate is valid towards any rental(s) available at LensRentals.com.
* A Luma Loop Camera Sling – The latest edition of the fantastic alternative camera sling provided by our friends at Luma Labs. (read our review)

How To Enter

Before you enter, please make sure to read the Official Rules and Restrictions noted below. You will be asked to verify that you’ve read and agree to these rules. But worry not: You, the photographer, will ultimately retain all of the rights to your photo. You are only granting the right for us to share it with the public through our site. If we want to use your photo otherwise, we’ll have to contact you and license independently with you.

Enter Now
Submission Deadline is March 18th, 2011. Only one entry per person, please.

Official Rules and Restrictions

Who may enter: The Shutter Photo Anniversary Competition is open to anyone regardless of place of residence, except as otherwise noted herein. (Note that entrants residing outside of the United States may be responsible for a portion of shipping. See Prizes and Shipping below). Entrants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. Judges of the competition will not be permitted to enter.

Submission requirements: An entrant may submit only a single photograph. The first photo submitted will be considered the official entry. Subsequent photographs will be automatically disqualified. Entrant must be the creator and rightful owner of the submitted photograph. Those found not to be in compliance will be disqualified from the competition and the appropriate authorities and involved parties will be notified accordingly. Photo entries must meet the following criteria:

* Minimum dimensions: 1024 pixels on its shortest side
* Maximum file size: 2 Megabytes
* Formats Accepted: JPEG (PNG Not supported as it does not natively support EXIF data)
* The photo must be a Black & White (Grayscale) photograph. Sepia or other color tones will not be permitted.
* The photo must not contain nudity.
* The photo must be free of any and all watermarks.
* Photo must be an original and shall not have been entered in other photo competitions.
* Only one entry per person.

Judging: Judging will be conducted by a panel of judges selected by Shutter Photo. Once each and every entry has been verified to meet the submission requirements, it will be placed in a gallery viewable only to the judges. The judging process is a simple rating and popular vote system: The photo with the highest judge rating wins the competition.

Prizes and shipping: The winner of the Shutter Photo Anniversary Competition will receive the prize package(s) as mentioned herein. A cash equivalency will not be available. Package(s) will be shipped to the winning parties at the verified address provided within the entry form. Winner(s) not residing in the continental US may be responsible for a portion of the shipping costs.

Copyright Policy: Submitting photographer must be the creator and hold ownership and all rights of submitted photo. The photographer may choose any license for their photo that meets their needs, provided that necessary permissions be given to Shutter Photo Magazine to share and display the photograph in conjunction with this competition (see Usage Rights and Permissions Granted). Shutter Photo Magazine does not require that the photograph be licensed under Creative Commons

Usage Rights / Permissions Granted: The ownership of all photo entries is ultimately that of each photo’s creator. By entering this competition, you grant Shutter Photo Magazine permission to host and display the photograph in conjunction with this competition and affiliated competition gallery. Shutter Photo Magazine and it’s affiliates does not have the right to print, sell, license, or display outside of the Magazine’s domain (shutterphoto.net). Shutter Photo Magazine and it’s affiliates shall not be permitted to alter a photo entry in any way – this includes the use of watermarks, branding or the addition of text or other graphics. If Shutter Photo Magazine or it’s affiliates wish to use a photograph for any other purpose, the photo’s creator will contacted privately to discuss necessary licensing and fees.

Photo by Andy Spyra

Official website: http://www.shutterphoto.net/spacompo2011/

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The prize has been established to promote international contemporary art in the widest possible sense. There will be a final art exhibition with 50 artworks, a final catalogue of circa 150 pages with circa 120 illustrated works of art and critical texts, as well as 5 prize awards and benefits. The exhibition of finalist works, voting and awards will take place at The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, New York, 11-13 November 2011.

Excellence in content, contemporary aesthetic, technique, and material is sought in the selection of works for the final exhibition. There is no special subject, title or theme required for participating works, they can range from being figurative to abstract, from conceptual to participatory in content and presentation.


* First prize 4,000 €
* 220 € to each of the other nine finalists

Media accepted for the photography competition : works in 2D, including digital photography, traditional-analogue photography, net art / web art, computer graphic modelling, software art or works in which several media are used, for example digital manipulations which include the use of painting or other forms of manual expression, polaroids, mobile phones, collages, etc. Diptychs or triptychs are considered one work. Prize membership enables you to enter two artworks.

Send images of your works on a CD in JPG or TIF format. We advise a document size of 21×29 cm at 300 dpi. Or send a photograph in positive, minimum size 15×10cm, maximum 21×29cm (A4).

* Copyright: All photographic material submitted online remain property of the artist, who consents to its limited use by Celeste Network.
* Eligibility: Open to all artists, worldwide.
* Entry fee: 90 Euro “Prize” membership fee 2011
* Entry deadline: 31 July 2011

Official webiste: www.celesteprize.com/prize

Interpret this theme as you like, enter Images of desolation, an object that is lost or ignored, or something else entirely. We want to see creative and unique explorations of the theme.

Theme: “The Last Place”


  • First Place: US$500
  • Second Place: US$300
  • Third Place: US$200
  • People’s Choice: US$500
  • All winners will also receive a print piece based on this month’s entries and theme.

Judging criteria: technical proficiency, artistic merits, creativity in the application of the theme and the quality and insightfulness of the supporting text. Post-processing is limited to tone, brightness and contrast and dodge and burn.

There is a limit of four entries per person. Winners will be announced on March 3rd, 2011.

  • Copyright: You retain your rights to any images you submit and grant us a license to use such images in any and all media or distribution methods.
  • Eligibility: Open to all photographers, worldwide.
  • Entry fee: Free
  • Entry deadline: 28 February 2011

Official website (instructions): convozine.com/conversations/8580

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Contest Theme: “The Family”

A photo call for entry that focuses on the true meaning of family. In any language the meaning of family is universal. A family can be comprised of a mother, father and children or any relative. A family can also be a group of friends that unite for a important reason. Families can be of any size, large or small, and can include even our pets. Submit up to four images of your own personal interpretation of what family signifies.

Click here to view winner testimonials from our previous contests.


First Place: $500 (USD) cash prize
Second Place: $250 (USD) cash prize
Third Place: $125 (USD) cash prize

Three (3) honorable mentions will also be chosen. All winning images will be displayed on the TBM website.
Entry Deadline: February 18, 2011.

Contest is open to all individuals 18 years and older, worldwide.
Entry Fee: $20 (USD)

Official website: http://terabellamedia.com/contest/

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nature1. Entry is open to all photographers, amateur and
professional, worldwide

2. The theme is NATURE (as definited by FIAP, in attachment).
Prints should not exceed 30 x 45 cm. including mount (between
20x30cm and 30x45cm. Unmounted prints are acceptable.
Framed prints are NOT permitted.

3. There are sections: Monochrom and Colour. Each entrant may
submit a maximum of four entries.

4. For purposes of catalogue publishing, authors are kindly
requested to send copies of their photos on CD (~10x15cm,
300dpi, TIFF or JPEG maximum quality)

5. Title, name and address must be shown on each piece of work
and numbered, to correspond with the entry form.

6. Titles – please limit to 20 characters.

7. International jury:
2. Branislav Brkic, MF FSS, ESFIAP, SERBIA

3. Geza Lennert, MF FSS, EFIAP, SERBIA
Alternate(s) – Dragoslav Mirkovic, MF FSS, AFIAP, SERBIA,

8. Awards:
– Gold, silver and bronze FIAP medals for single photo
– Gold, silver and bronze FAS medals for collection of photos

9. An illustrated catalogue will be sent to each entrant and a label
for each acceptance.

10. Entry fee is 15 € (20USD).

11. Send prints, entry form and money in one package and package
should not exceed 1,8 kg.


13. The organiser will publish the catalogue. The artists may not
claim the compensation for the reproduction of the works in
the catalogue.

14. Entries will be treated with care, but no liability is accepted for
loss or damage. The organizer is responsible for loss or damage
of works from the moment of receiving to the moment of sending
them back to the artists.

15. The public will be informed about the exhibition in the catalogue
and newspapers, on television and radio.


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